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Automated Testing: Guardians of Your Digital Accessibility: Airlines

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This post is educational in nature; we do not indicate which airline is better or worse. Each has its pros and cons and areas for improvement.

Automated tests are essential elements in verifying the quality of software and digital accessibility. Thanks to them, it is possible to quickly assess how well a website or mobile application is prepared for use by all, including people with disabilities. Currently, it is estimated that automated tests can detect between 5 to 40% of errors related to digital accessibility. In our new series of posts, published every two weeks, we will examine various testing tools, compare their effectiveness, and highlight their strengths and weaknesses. To kick off the ongoing May holidays, we decided to start with an analysis of the digital accessibility of airlines such as Ryanair, LOT, and Wizz Air. This is particularly important as many people plan trips and rely on the digital services of these companies to book tickets or check flight status.

Automated audit

As part of our first article, we conducted a mini automated audits focusing on the homepage and help page, using three popular automated testing tools: axeDev tools, ARC Toolkit, and Wave. Each of these tools has its specific features that allow for detailed analysis of various aspects of website accessibility.

axeDev tools This is a browser-integrated tool that allows for easy real-time accessibility auditing. axeDev tools focuses on a wide range of accessibility issues, from contrast problems to lack of ARIA labels. We really like using this tool, albeit in a slightly different way – we often run tests on multiple subpages directly from the console (this is how we plan to fix the issue).

Piotr Źrołka

Piotr Źrołka

Accessibility expert & CEO