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Websites Redesign for Ceramic Manufactory in Bolesławiec

About the Manufactory

The activities of the Manufactory in Bolesławiec are based on the production of handmade ceramic dishes. Bolesławiec ceramics retain their unique character and aesthetics by adhering to traditional artisanal methods. The Manufactory collaborates with renowned artists who skillfully combine tradition with modernity in their patterns, decorations, and forms.


  • Referencing aesthetically Bolesławiec's design while maintaining a modern look for the website.
  • Creating coherence across three separate services shows that, to some extent, they are distinct entities yet closely connected.
  • Optimizing the process of booking visits to the Living Museum.

In addition to the factory itself, the Manufactory runs the Living Museum of Ceramics, an online store, and several physical stores in various cities across Poland. Our task was to redesign the Manufactory's website and the Living Museum of Ceramics.

How did we do it?

We began the project with workshops with the client at the Manufactory's headquarters. A significant part of these workshops was analyzing the sales process and booking system at the Living Museum. By meeting in person, we could better understand the specifics of the Manufactory team's work and the resources they have. This is a crucial element for us because it allows us to propose solutions aligned with the realities in which the client operates. We analyzed the existing communication strategy with clients, examined the needs of target groups (individual and group clients), and conducted a competition analysis as well as benchmarking of interesting solutions among indirect competitors.

The insights from the first stage helped us create the information architecture for both websites and develop guidelines for the new booking system. While working on the visual layer of the project, we based it on the visual identity of each entity. We aimed to reference the traditional patterns and colors characteristic of Bolesławiec ceramics, giving them a modern twist. We utilized beautiful photos that best resonate with the audience of this type of product. We approached the design process iteratively, continuously verifying the results with the client's and future users' expectations.


  • Ceramics
  • Web Design
  • Product Design

Scope of work

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Development
  • Workshops with client


  • Na zdjęciu twarz Agaty. Ma brązowe włosy i oczy, uśmiecha się.

    Agata Tumidajewicz

    UX Researcher UX Designer

  • Andrzej Dąbrowski

    Andrzej Dąbrowski


  • Julia Zakrocka

    Julia Zakrocka

    UI Designer

Final Outcome

The result of all these efforts is a modern website that fits into the visual identity of UAM, while being accessible to both end-users and content editors. The site is easy to navigate on computers or mobile devices. It is also optimized for assistive technologies, including screen readers. This makes it easy for people with disabilities to use and, consequently, easily access information about the office's activities and the support it offers.

How do we do that?

  • 1

    Defining the scope of work and workshops with the client.

  • 2

    Analysis of current services and benchmarking.

  • 3

    Designing the information architecture.

  • 4

    Developing both Low-Fidelity (LoFi) and High-Fidelity (HiFi) prototypes following preliminary approvals.

  • 5


  • 6

    Conducting functionality tests on the website and refining its performance.

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