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Usability Audit

Usability audit is a method to highlight problematic areas of digital products, revealing which parts of a site or app can cause issues for users. The audit is conducted by a UX expert who uses empirical methods to indicate the riskiest points and offers heuristic-based analysis and recommendations for improvements.

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Digital Accessibility

Before telling your developers to change your website or app you need to know what should be changed to make your product more accessible. We are here to help you with it and indicate problematic points.

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UX Strategy is the basis of a balanced and well-organized plan to design your product in the right direction without misunderstandings, waste of investment and losing the team’s energy.

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Inclusive & Universal Design

Our process is based on universal design – our goal is to create a product or service that is useful and available to all recipients, taking into account their age, education, socioeconomic situation, culture, gender and accessibility.

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UX Research and Analytics

Before you decide to invest in your idea or decide to implement significant changes in a product, take a step back and let us validate if your idea, design or business meets users’ needs.

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UI Design

We are here and we are ready to create functional, attractive and engaging design of your digital product.

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