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Inclusive & Universal Design

Our process is based on universal design – our goal is to create a product or service that is useful and available to all recipients, taking into account their age, education, socioeconomic situation, culture, gender and accessibility.

What is Inclusive Design?

Every design decision has an impact on potential customers. Some of these decisions can include or exclude users. The inclusive design emphasizes understanding user diversity in informing design decisions to include as many people as possible. It’s essential, especially when we design for millions of people, to enable them to participate in an experience.

Diversity is our world’s greatest asset and inclusion is our biggest challenge

- Jutta Treviranus, Director of the Inclusive Design Research Centre

What are the benefits?

Inclusive design is a win-win for customers and businesses. It expands not only number of your customers, but also guides your company to take a position of social responsibility. Building products including every individual makes better and accessible products for all.

How we work?

Our design process focuses on four iterative stages – Explore, Focus, Develop and Deliver. Each stage of the inclusive design process helps us create products that serve as many people as possible.

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