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UX Research and Analytics

Do you want to see how users use your product? Do you want to make sure your idea is on the right track? Do you wonder if your design decisions are good?

Before you decide to invest in your idea or decide to implement significant changes in a product, take a step back and let us validate if your idea, design or business meets users’ needs.

What is UX Research?

UX research focuses on gathering and interpreting data collected by qualitative and quantitive research methods like interviews, focus groups, usability testing, card sorting, diary studies, eye-tracking, A/B tests, etc. It shows how users use the product, what are their pains and gains, which points are causing problems or which parts are user-friendly. It’s all about asking questions, observation and getting feedback from people who will use your product in their daily life.

What is Analytics?

Analytics is the systemic computational analysis of data or statistics. Data from websites or applications are being collected and then respectively analyzed. It’s a simple way to check how design decisions translate into business and profits. Collected data can be a valuable factor to deliver more user-friendly and lucrative solutions.

Why research is important?

Designing without knowing for who we are doing it is very risky. After invested funds and lots of hours spent on putting finishing touches on the product, it may be found, that it is impractical and unprofitable. The reasons can be various, but it is essential to make sure that the product is desired and usable. Before relying on your thoughts or experience ask users first. Thanks to research you can find out if there is a place on the market for your idea.

If the user can’t find it, it doesn’t exist.

- HFI Button

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