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Usability Audit

Are you an owner of a website, application, blog or online shop? Do you care about a good user experience? Do you want to check the condition of your website? If you answered “Yes” – keep reading.

If you wonder why your customers don’t achieve their goals and why your conversion decreases it’s time to start an investigation and find the reason. In that case it’s worth to order a usability audit, that identifies over 85% errors your customers can meet on your website or application.

What is a usability audit?

Usability audit is a method to highlight problematic areas of digital products, revealing which parts of a site or app can cause issues for users. The audit is conducted by a UX expert who uses empirical methods to indicate the riskiest points and offers heuristic-based analysis and recommendations for improvements.

Empirical methods of usability evaluation we use:

Cognitive Walkthrough – usability evaluation method in which evaluators go through a defined path from the perspective of the user.

Heuristic Evaluation – usability inspection method that helps to identify usability problems in the interface. Evaluators examine the interface and assess its compliance with usability principles – 10 Nielsen’s Heuristics.

Why it is useful?

Usability audit will help you determine the reasons for a low retention rate, conversion or other issues the user is experiencing. The review lets you know how to boost your site or app by making it easier for users to achieve their goals.

When to conduct a usability audit?

The best practice is to conduct a usability audit on an existing solution, because the user interface is being evaluated. It means your website or application should be implemented by developers, even in the first phases as MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Then UX expert can personate the user, test potential paths of them and specify elements that don’t work or are not easy to reach.

See how we do it


Choosing pages to review with the client


Conducting Cognitive Walkthrough


Conducting Heuristic Evaluation


Creating report with findings and recommendations


Delivering the report and dissusing it with the client

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