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Accessibility and sustainability go hand in hand with digital products. Our digital products benefit the environment and society when we focus on both. Becoming experts in digital accessibility and training allows us to help you create responsible digital solutions thoroughly.

On the occasion of Earth Day, we want to introduce you to a few concepts

Sustainable Development

It entails ensuring that our current actions and ways of using digital solutions, and more, do not negatively impact the ability of current and future generations to lead prosperous lives on this planet. It also guarantees that we meet our needs in a socially, environmentally beneficial, and economically viable manner. You can read more about it in the article.


These criteria evaluate companies’ activities for sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. The acronym expands to E – Environment, S – Social Responsibility, and G – Corporate GovernanceScientifically about ESG.

Digital Responsibility

A set of ethical and moral standards that individuals and organizations should follow when using digital technology. It covers social, environmental, and economic aspects. Digital responsibility aims to fight digital poverty by promoting positive practices in creating accessible and inclusive digital products and ensuring access to technology.

Key points of the digital responsibility manifesto

  • Cleanliness: powering the services provided and used with renewable energy.
  • Efficiency: products and services will consume as little energy and resources as possible.
  • Openness: Products and services will be accessible, and users can share information freely and control their data.
  • Integrity: Products and services won’t deceive or exploit users in how they’re designed or what they offer.
  • Regeneration: Solutions will support an economy that nourishes people and the planet.
  • Resilience: Products and services will function in times and places where people need them most.

You can read the whole Digital Responsibility Manifesto here.

Sustainable development and accessibility go hand in hand

By reading the ideas above, we can see that sustainability isn’t only about the environment; it takes a broader view. That’s why digital accessibility is crucial when aiming to make sustainable products.

Julia Zakrocka

UI & Graphic Designer