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Today, criterion 1.2.5, which is related to criterion 1.2.3.

If we have addressed audio description in 1.2.3, criterion 1.2.5 is automatically fulfilled. We wrote about 1.2.3 in previous entries: [link to previous entry].

“Audio description is a technique that, through additional verbal descriptions, provides access to visual artistic creations and allows visually impaired individuals to explore the visible cultural heritage in the fields of visual arts, theater, stage, and film.” – quote from [source link].

Some statistics from Lenstore (2021): Netflix only has 25.4% of material with audio description.
Disney+ has as much as 62.6% of material with audio description. [link to source]

Methodology: [link to methodology]

The cost of audio description ranges from $15 to $75 per minute of film in a given language, is that a lot? Judge for yourselves.

In Poland, the Katarynka Foundation operates vigorously [link to the foundation’s website], which has created “ADAPTER – a film portal for the blind and deaf. It is the first in Poland and one of the few in the world VOD portals with films adapted for viewers with visual and hearing impairments. The portal has been operating since 2014 and gathers over 30,000 viewers monthly. Currently, it presents 150 Polish films with audio description and subtitles.”z

Piotr Źrołka

Piotr Zrolka

Accessibility expert & CEO