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Two people showing signs in sign languagePhoto by Sincerely Media

Today, we focus on another accessibility criterion – 1.2.6 – sign language (Level AAA).

Do you remember the recent awards ceremony – Empik Bestsellers Plebiscite? Or performances related to the Super Bowl in the United States? Outstanding sign language interpreters were present at both events. They were able to convey content and emotions displayed on the screen excellently, both during artists’ performances and ordinary conversations among people.

Meeting this criterion is intended to help Deaf or hard of hearing individuals, for whom captions are often insufficient. Few people know that sign language is the first language in which proficient communication occurs for individuals with these disabilities. Polish language often poses difficulties for them and is secondary in order. Just like, for example, a foreign language is for hearing individuals. Deaf individuals are quicker to understand and communicate in sign language, which is why meeting this requirement is so important.

We particularly recommend the interview that aired this week on the “7 Meters Underground” channel with a Deaf person who talks about how (remarkably) they manage daily activities – [link provided].

Performance at the Super Bowl with sign language interpreter Justina Miles – [link provided].

Performance at Empik Bestsellers with sign language interpreter Bernard Kinov – [link provided].

Link to WCAG criterion 1.2.6 – [link provided].


Małgorzata Szymczak

Małgorzata Szymczak

Accessibility Specialist & Junior Frontend Developer