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The next WCAG criterion before us – today we’re focusing on 1.4.2 – sound playback control.

The criterion is short and sweet, so let’s get started.
The rule is that if there are sound effects on the website, then:

  • the sound stops after 3 seconds, or
  • there is a button that allows us to turn off the sound or change its volume, or
  • the sound is off by default, and it is turned on only upon the explicit command of the User – for example, by using a button.

It’s worth noting that the button to turn on/off the sound should be located in close proximity to the first active elements on the page, so that Users using screen readers can quickly turn them off.

Trusted Tester certification recommends that this button be implemented as one of the first three elements encountered by the User. Unwanted sounds can interfere with simultaneous use of the screen reader.


Małgorzata Szymczak

Małgorzata Szymczak

Accessibility Specialist & Junior Frontend Developer