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About us

About Kinaole

Kinaole is a company specializing in digital accessibility, inclusive design, and implementing accessible solutions in life.

The Kinaole team is a diverse group of people creating a beautiful whole. :-) It consists of digital accessibility auditors, UX/UI designers, researchers, graphic designers, and developers.

Accessibility is not only our job but also our passion. Leading our team is Piotr Źrołka - the CEO of Kinaole Sp. z o.o. He has extensive experience in conducting accessibility audits, consultations, and training in this area. Designing and implementing inclusive products is his priority. Piotr's knowledge and experience are also confirmed by the certificates he has obtained - Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) and Trusted Tester.

Our team consists of diverse specialists, including a blind person, which allows us to detect problems that users without limitations might overlook. Additionally, our database also includes Deaf consultants and individuals with mobility disabilities. Thanks to this, we are able to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to digital accessibility.

What we do?

Consultations on digital accessibility as well as audits form the foundation of our organization's activities. The work we conduct encompasses a wide range of tests, including both automatic and manual tests, as well as tests carried out by users with disabilities.

Our activity is not limited to conducting accessibility audits. We offer consulting services in the field of digital accessibility and conduct training.

Daily, we collaborate with two large financial institutions in Poland, and we also advise the World Health Organization (WHO). Our clients also include foundations and smaller clients for whom digital accessibility is equally important.

Our company offers comprehensive services in creating websites. We start with the idea and research, go through the design stage, tests, and then to implementation. Our goal is to provide clients with full support at every step of the process to create an effective and functional website.

It's not the work itself, but its purpose that makes it something special.

William Paul Young, Canadian writer, Author of the novel The Shack

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