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Digital accessibility trainings

Training in the Field of Digital Accessibility aims not only to educate website creators but also anyone who wants their digital resources to be accessible to a wide audience. Participants in the training learn how to design and adapt websites and applications in a way that enables easy access for people with various disabilities. By combining theory with practice, participants acquire skills that are essential for creating digital content that is both functional and accessible to everyone.

Why Opt for Our Training?

 Integration of theory and practice

Our training melds theoretical concepts with practical applications, ensuring participants gain comprehensive skills. They'll not only understand digital accessibility principles but also learn to implement them effectively.

Tailoring design for diverse accessibility needs

Participants are guided on crafting and modifying digital platforms to cater to varied disabilities, using practical tools and methodologies to create universally accessible digital content.

Inclusive learning environment

Our course welcomes participants of all experience levels and professional backgrounds, promoting development in digital accessibility for everyone.

Up-to-date Knowledge and Practical Examples

Our trainers leverage current trends and standards, providing practical examples for participants to apply in their digital projects.

Training Content Overview

Basics of digital accessibility

  • Principles and guidelines of WCAG 2.1 and 2.2
  • Accessibility elements: color, contrast, document structure

Designing interfaces with accessibility in mind

  • User interactions
  • Usability tests for people with various needs

Adaptation of existing projects

  • Optimization of existing pages for accessibility
  • Tools supporting the adaptation process

Accessibility testing

  • Accessibility testing methods
  • Automated tools and manual tests

Investing in knowledge always yields the greatest returns.

Benjamin Franklin

Our experts

  • Piotr Źrołka

    Piotr Źrołka

    Accessibility Expert
    UX Strategist

  • Małgorzata Szymczak

    Małgorzata Szymczak

    Accessibility Specialist Programmer

  • Radosław Stachurski

    Radosław Stachurski

    Accessibility Specialist Testing Specialist

  • Barbara Filipowska

    Barbara Filipowska

    Accessibility Auditor

  • Na zdjęciu twarz Agaty. Ma brązowe włosy i oczy, uśmiecha się.

    Agata Tumidajewicz

    UX Strategist

How do we do that?

  • 1

    We start the process with an initial meeting

  • 2

    We define the scope of your company's needs

  • 3

    We conduct trainings

  • 4

    We summarize the process during a post-training meeting

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